Making the Prints

Reduction process 1

Like most of my prints Willows began as a preparatory pencil drawing annotated with notes on colours and tones.
Willows process drawing1

The pencil drawing was then transferred, with tracing paper, onto a block of lino and the image fixed with a sharpie pen.
Willows process transfer

The block is then inked with the first colour, the paper registered with Ternes Burton pins and the print is passed through the press. With each successive colour more of the block is cut away. This is know as the reduction print process and leaves little room for error!
Willows process cutting

Willows is printed on Somerset Velvet soft white paper which is slightly textured and helped to achieve the late evening misty effect. This image shows the print before the trees were printed. The
Willows process (3)

To create the soft reflections in the water I wiped the ink on the surface of the lino to blur the edges. This can be seen on the tree reflections and beneath the distant tower of Glastonbury tor.
Willows process (5)